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When you head outside to escape the heat in your backyard swimming pool, you expect to find clear water and a safe, fun environment. There are plenty of things you must add to your pool for this to happen, including the right chemicals, accessibility features, and swimming accessories. However, there are also some things you should keep out of your pool at all costs.

Too Much Cyanuric Acid

If you sanitize your pool with unstabilized chlorine, you must also add cyanuric acid to prevent sunlight from burning off the chlorine too quickly. The ideal level is 30 to 50 parts per million. However, too much cyanuric acid prevents chlorine from working properly. The best way to sustain the proper levels is to hire a pool maintenance expert to balance your chemicals every week or two throughout the summer.


To prevent hazardous broken glass in and around your pool, follow a strict no-glass rule in your backyard. Plastic cups and paper plates will work just fine at your next barbecue.

Greasy Products

Public pools require swimmers to shower off before jumping in the water. This helps limit the number of bacteria that enter the water, but more importantly, it reduces the concentration of lotion, makeup, hairspray, deodorant, perfume, and other greasy products in the pool. Oils gum up the filter and may lead to unpleasant odors. A quick rinse before swimming is the best way to prevent this. If the water is already oily, toss in unused tennis balls. The fuzzy surface is great at collecting oils and removing them from the pool.


Wildlife may be attracted to your yard, where they use your pool as a watering hole or toilet. Sadly, some critters may even drown. All of these scenarios are bad news for pool sanitation. To keep wildlife away, trim the trees, eliminate food sources, and install a fence. You can also try scaring critters off with automatic sprinklers, animal repellent, or alligator floatation devices.

Organic Debris

One of the best things you can do to avoid depleting the chlorine levels in your pool is to skim the surface every day. Your goal is to remove leaves, sticks, dead bugs, and other debris floating on the surface before it settles to the bottom. Remember to clean the skimmer baskets regularly as well.

Intoxicated Guests

Swimming and alcohol don’t mix. Drinking affects a person’s perception of danger and could result in taking unnecessary risks. This combination may lead to reckless behavior and accidents, so never allow guests who have consumed alcohol near your swimming pool. Set other rules to promote safety as well, such as no running on the pool deck and no swimming while eating or chewing gum.

For all your pool maintenance needs, turn to Millennium Pool Service. We have over 35 years of combined industry experience, with a wide range of residential and commercial pool services to meet your needs. To schedule services, please contact us at 703-939-5062 in Virginia or 301-591-3750 in Maryland.

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