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Enjoy a Healthier Swimming Experience

If you are looking to convert your pool to a saltwater pool, our team at Millennium Pools and Spas can help. We’ll determine if a saltwater pool system is the best for your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!

What Is a Saltwater Pool?

A saltwater pool is essentially a system that allows the salt to convert to chlorine, making the water softer and less harsh to swim in. Saltwater pools are a popular alternative because they offer a less harsh chemical than chlorine and are easier to maintain.

How Does a Saltwater Pool System Work?

How does the pool stay clean and bacteria free? The system is designed to convert salt into chlorine, so your pool is efficiently chlorinated even though it is receiving less chlorine than before. This new converted chlorine is less harsh than traditional chlorine, making it healthier for your skin, hair, and eyes.

Salt and Saline System Installation in Maryland

Installation of Salt and Saline System for Swimming Pool

Converting a chlorinated pool water system to a saltwater system can be easily achieved—all that is required is changing the equipment to a saltwater generator. Because you will be dealing with the exterior electrical system, the help of a professional is advised. Millennium Pools and Spas offers high-quality saltwater pool system installations in Maryland and Springfield, VA. We’re experts in installing new salt system upgrades to existing pools.

Can Commercial Pools Be Converted to Salt & Saline Systems?

Yes, commercial pools can also benefit from switching to a saline system. Saline chlorination utilizes technology, making it safer, more cost effective, and more and environmentally friendly. We offer three unique salt chlorination systems:

  • The MINI-reverse polarity series
  • The CHLOR-reverse polarity series
  • The CLASSIC- forward polarity series

The Benefits of Saltwater System

The fact that the pool will have significantly less chlorine makes this a very appealing options, but there are other perks to consider:

  • Safety: Chlorine is sometimes dangerous to store and handle in tablet and liquid form. The lower chlorine levels produced from a salt generator help ensure fewer eye and skin irritations. You´ll also reduce your exposure to chlorine and harsh products.
  • Soft Feel: Saltwater is naturally smooth and soft. Many people prefer this smooth feel to the abrasive feeling of chlorinated pools. The softer feeling enhances the swimming experience.
  • Easy Maintenance: While we do need to skim and clean your pool regularly, a salt system makes it much easier to maintain. We don’t need to add bleach to the pool every week because a saltwater system uses a chlorinator to keep the pool safe and clear.
  • No Harsh Smell: Say goodbye to the harsh chlorine smell. The small amounts of chlorine produced in saltwater pools don’t have the same effects.

Pros and Cons of Salt & Saline Systems

The Pros of Saltwater Include:

  • Saltwater is softer on your skin, eyes, and hair.
  • Saltwater is less abrasive than store-bought chlorine products.
  • The lack of a strong chlorine smell is easier on the senses.
  • A typical saltwater pool doesn’t require as much maintenance as a chlorine pool that needs weekly chemical balance testing, chlorine addition, and pool shock.
  • Saltwater offers a soft feeling compared to the traditional chlorine pool water.

The Cons of Saltwater Include:

  • Saltwater pools require expert technicians in case of a repair.
  • Salt is a corrosive element that can sometimes degrade metal in ladders, diving board brackets, heaters, and other elements.
  • A saltwater pool requires a high level of diligence to keep the pH balanced.
  • The cost to initially install a saltwater system is typically more than installing a chlorine system.

Contact Us Today for Your Salt & Saline System

If you’re interested in upgrading your current pool system or installing a saltwater pool system, the experts at Millennium Pools and Spas are ready to help you. Our pool remodels services range from installing saltwater pool systems and LED lighting to pool enclosures and waterline tile. We can help you turn your swimming pool dreams into reality with our swimming pool services. Contact our team today to get a free estimate!

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