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Residential Pool Services FAQs

Millennium Pools & Spas is here to help you with all your residential pool services needs in Frederick, MD, and Springfield, VA. We do everything from your pool opening and closing to ongoing cleaning and maintenance. For over 35 years, our experienced and knowledgeable team has offered residential pool maintenance, pool repair, and pool renovation services to the area. Our experts are here to answer your residential pool services’ most frequently asked questions. Contact us for more information!

What are Residential Pool Services?

Professional residential pool services ensure your pool is safely maintained throughout the year. We offer multiple residential pool services to clean, maintain, and repair your pool.

Which type of Pool Services do you offer?

Our residential pool services include but are not limited to:

Do you offer Pool Conditioning?

Yes. Pool conditioning involves annually conditioning your water to help extend the life of your chlorine. This is separate from routine pool maintenance and helps protect your chlorine from UV light that breaks it down.

What are the benefits of professional pool services?

There are multiple benefits of professional pool services, including:

  • Keeps water cleaned and chemicals balanced throughout the year
  • Ensures a reliable and thorough pool cleaning
  • Let’s you enjoy your pool without the work
  • Saves time and hassle
  • Uses innovative, quality pool cleaning equipment
  • Protects your pool investment

If I hire you for pool service, would I still need an automatic vacuum?

Yes. An automatic vacuum helps with the everyday cleaning and maintenance of your pool. It helps lessen the debris for us.

Why do I need regular weekly pool service and cleaning when my pool stays clean?

Chlorine reduces quickly during warm weather and high swim loads. It’s best to get regular servicing and maintenance to keep it clean and fresh. Even if the pool looks clear, it might not be healthy enough for swimmers.

Is there a simple formula for adding chemicals to my pools?

No. We customize our treatments to match your pool’s chemical, biological, physical, and environmental factors.

What is the difference between shock & breakpoint?

Pool shocking raises your sanitizer level to 10 ppm using lithium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, and sodium hypochlorite. Breakpoint super chlorination eliminates combined chlorine in your pool. The total chlorine reading is combined chlorine (CAC) and free available chlorine (FAC). Typically, you do not want any combined chlorine. If you want to eliminate CAC, we perform a breakpoint to find the amount of sanitizer that is needed to break the bond between chlorine ions and nitrates. The breakpoint will break the bond and gas off the nitrates, leaving the chlorine ion in the water for sanitization.

How long do I have to wait to use my pool after adding chemicals?

Millennium Pools & Spas recommends staying out of the pool between 8-12 hours after adding chemicals.

How often do I need to test my pool water?

We recommend testing residential pool water at least twice a week. If you have a high swim load, it’s essential to test afterward.

Why should I get my pool inspected?

Professional pool inspection ensure your pool is healthy and safe for swimming. Your pool experts should be able to inform you about the overall condition of your pool, pool equipment, safety equipment, and structural integrity.

Is it true that I won’t need to clean my pool once I install a salt system anymore?

No. A salt system generates chlorine, but it will still need to be vacuumed and brushed. The salt system controller and pool equipment need to be professionally maintained.

What pool components may need an upgrade?

Your pool equipment is constantly working to keep your pool in optimal condition. Its components suffer wear and tear over time and may begin to malfunction. We do our best to perform effective swimming pool repair services, but some issues cannot be adequately repaired. We will thoroughly examine all parts of your swimming equipment to determine if you need a repair or replacement. The most common pool equipment upgrades include filters, automation controls, and pumps.

What types of Pool Equipment do you repair?

We understand a swimming pool has many components. Our swimming pool equipment repair experts can repair almost any part of your swimming pool system. If you notice algae, cloudy water, or changes in high filter pressure, you may need pool equipment repairs. Our team specializes in repairing:

  • Filters
  • Automation Systems
  • Cleaners
  • Pumps
  • Timers
  • Heaters

What are the common elements of Pool Maintenance?

Proper pool maintenance is a critical element of your pool health. Our pool maintenance services include:

  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Checking water levels
  • Checking the pool chemicals
  • Cleaning the skimmers
  • Checking your chlorinator
  • Backwashing the filter
  • Blowing the deck area
  • Checking the pool and filter
  • Balancing the water chemistry

What is a pool opening service?

Our pool opening services include:

  • Testing the water
  • Removing, folding, and storing the pool cover
  • Adding chemicals
  • Removing Winterizing plugs
  • Inspecting The Pool System
  • Installing equipment drain plugs and strainer baskets
  • Priming and starting the filter pump
  • Checking water circulation
  • Cleaning and vacuuming pool

What is a pool closing service?

Our pool closing services include:

  • Installing winterizing plugs
  • Water testing and adding pool chemicals
  • Adjusting the water level
  • Blowing out the lines
  • Removing skimmer baskets, cleaners, and wall fittings
  • Draining pumping, filtering, heating, and chlorinating equipment
  • Storing ladders, handrails, and diving board
  • Covering the pool

Will Millennium Pool Service come to clean and service my pool every week?

If you live in Frederick, MD, or Springville, VA, we can regularly clean and service your pool. We offer weekly and biweekly packages to ensure your pool is in optimal condition.

Can I tell by looking at my pool if it is clean?

No. It is impossible to determine if your pool is well-balanced visually. Proper water chemistry values lead to failure of swimming pool components, so it’s critical to ensure they are professionally maintained.

Do I need to drain my pool during Winter?

No. We do not recommend draining your pool for more than a week. The plaster may start to crack, causing harm to the structural integrity of your pool.

Would it be more affordable to care for my pool myself?

No. Buying swimming pool chemicals at the store can be expensive. It can cost you more time and money in the long run if you don’t properly balance the chemicals as well. Professional pool service is worth every penny to ensure your pool is well-balanced and ready for swimmers.

Do you offer pool estimates or quotes over the phone?

No. Every swimming pool is unique and different. We need to access your pool to examine all of its components and determine the level of necessary services.

How do I start pool services with Millennium Pool Services?

We are excited to start our professional relationship with you as we clean and maintain your swimming pool. We offer free residential pool service estimates. Reach out to us to get started today!

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