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Childproof Pool Fence for Safer Yards

Swimming pools are great for summer fun at any age, and children are always the most eager swimmers. However, like any outdoor or physical activity, swimming pools are best enjoyed with a strong awareness and sense of safety to minimize risks. From children and adults to family pets, our safety accessories will help you make the most out of your pool—without compromising anyone’s safety.

Until a child is old enough to discuss pool safety and understand the risks, it’s the responsibility of you as the parent or pool owner to make sure an alluring pool to splash it doesn’t become a dangerous attraction, just like electrical socket plugs and the other indoor hazards in your home.

Kids playing in the pool

What Kind of Security Do You Need

The pool safety accessories you should consider will vary a bit by the ages of your children, as well as any children who visit your property. As soon as an infant is old enough to scoot or crawl, you’ll need to fully enclose the pool with a fence that’s high enough to prevent climbing. 75% of children harmed in a pool incident are between the ages of one and three years old, according to a study from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. That’s why it’s especially critical for you to take the proper precautions during this period of time.

Once a toddler is old enough to walk and reach for things, Millennium Pools & Spas also recommends securing the fence with childproof locks, similar in theory to the kind you might use on low kitchen cabinets where you keep toxic cleaning supplies or sharp objects. Some local areas or homeowner’s associations may even require a pool fence for safety, so be sure to check with your neighborhood if you’re building a pool or moving into a new home with an existing swimming pool.

Teaching Your Family About Pool Safety

As soon as your children are old enough to begin following rules around the house, pool safety should be a frequent topic of discussion. Explain that children can enjoy the pool, but only while an adult is watching. Make sure they know to ask for permission and supervision to use the pool, to always walk in the pool area, and to keep the area free of loose toys or other hazards that may cause tripping. When safety comes first, fun is sure to follow!

Pool Fence Styles

When you’ve decided that it’s time to invest in your family’s safety by purchasing a pool fence, you still have options to choose from in order to make the fence safe and attractive. Like a good decorative fence, our pool fence options can actually enhance the look of your backyard, using wood, metal, and other materials to enclose the pool by itself or even a larger area around it for lounging and playing. And don’t worry: You don’t have to commit to a fenced pool area forever. When your children are old enough to follow pool safety rules, our team can remove the fence and open up your yard again.

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