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Quality Pool Stairs Installation

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) promotes inclusivity for all members of society. This act covers regulations for many areas of physical activity, workplace environments, bathrooms, and more, so it’s no surprise there are specific accessibility requirements for swimming pools and hot tubs, as well. Even if your personal situation means you aren’t required by law to follow these guidelines, we’ll explain what they are, and why it’s a good idea to follow them for better access and safety.

ADA Compliant Pool Stairs Installation in Maryland

ADA Swimming Pool Requirements

If you own a business or run a public or community pool, these regulations must be followed when building a new pool, and should also be considered to update existing pools. Homeowners aren’t required to follow all of these rules, but if you’re planning to build a new pool or know that someone using your pool would benefit from these regulations, you may also wish to follow them at home.

Pools with 300 linear feet of pool wall or more are required to have two entry and exit points. The stairs themselves must have 34- to 38-inch high handrails along the entire length, with equally sized steps at least 11 inches deep to provide a stable climbing surface. The stairs can be 20 to 24 inches wide between the rails.

If you’re interested in making your pool more accessible for personal or commercial reasons, you can also talk to us about other pool accessories that make your swimming area safe and welcoming. Contact us today to find out more about whether you’re required to follow ADA regulations, to understand what changes you can make to increase accessibility, and to get an estimate for any of our services.

When to Install ADA-Compliant Pool Access Points

Public pools and many private businesses are required by law to consider ADA options for pool access, including stairs. Depending on the size of the pool, the guidelines also recommend more than one entry and exit point at opposite ends of the pool. If your pool is part of a public community or business, you’re eligible for tax credits to help offset the cost of updating or installing features to ensure the swimming area complies with current regulations.

If you’re a private homeowner with a backyard pool, Millennium Pools & Spas still advises you to install ADA-compliant pool stairs for a few reasons. First, it ensures that guests of all ages and abilities can easily enjoy the pool you spend so much time and effort to maintain. Second, easy entry and exit points improve overall safety and access, even if you normally don’t struggle to get in and out of a pool. If there is an emergency, you’ll be thankful to have a quick way in and out. Finally, children and pets will be able to exit the pool more safely with pool stairs, whether they jumped in on purpose or fell in and need to get back out.

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