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Millennium Pool Service’s Saltwater Pools

Millennium Pool Service offers innovative saltwater pool systems and services throughout Frederick, MD, and Springfield, VA. Many saltwater pool system owners love the idea of swimming without the hassle of chlorine upkeep and strong-smelling chemicals. For over 25 years, our pool experts have helped residential and commercial pool owners with our extensive skillset. We’ll help determine if a saltwater pool system is the best for your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Saltwater Pool System in Springfield, VA

What Is a Saltwater Pool?

Saltwater pools are a popular alternative to chlorine pool sanitation systems by producing their own chlorine automatically. A saltwater pool system automatically converts salt into chlorine, using fewer chlorine levels to maintain a healthy pool. Many people love saltwater pools because they offer a less harsh alternative to chlorine and need less maintenance.

How do Saltwater Pool Systems Work?

Saltwater travels through the pool’s circulation system, entering the salt chlorine generator. As the salt water flows through a salt cell, a low-voltage direct current is applied to the plates inside the cell to initiate electrolysis. Electrolysis breaks up salt and water into hydrogen gas and hypochlorous acid. The hydrogen gas evaporates in the form of bubbles, while the hypochlorous acid sanitizes the pool. After this process, the hypochlorous acid turns back into salt and repeats the process.

Can I Add Salt to My Pool Without a Saltwater System?

It’s critical to never add salt to a chlorine pool and hope for the same benefits of a saltwater pool system. The only thing adding salt to your chlorine pool can offer is a boost of soft water for a limited time. A saltwater pool system includes a salt chlorinator control unit, a salt cell, and a water flow sensor to ensure the pool levels are accurate and keep the water healthy.

Saltwater Pool System Installation in Virginia, DC and Maryland

Millennium Pools & Spas offers high-quality saltwater pool system installations in Virginia, DC , Maryland and Springfield, VA. Most people love the look and feel of a saltwater pool. It’s important to remember that saltwater pools are not entirely chlorine-free. Chlorine is generated by the filter system in safer sodium chloride molecules. The typical chlorine levels in a saltwater swimming pool are about the same level as municipal drinking water and work to eliminate algae buildup. We’re experts in installing new salt system upgrades to existing pools.

Salt Water Pump in Springfield, VA

The Benefits of Saltwater Pools System

Saltwater pool systems offer many benefits, including:

  • Safety –Chlorine is sometimes dangerous to store and handle in tablet and liquid form. The lower chlorine levels produced from a salt generator help ensure fewer eye and skin irritations.
  • Soft Feel –Saltwater is naturally smooth and soft. Many people prefer this smooth feel to the abrasive feeling of chlorinated pools.
  • Easy Maintenance – While we do need to skim and clean your pool regularly, a salt system makes it much easier to maintain. We don’t need to add bleach to the pool every week because a saltwater system uses a chlorinator to keep the pool safe and clear.
  • No Harsh Smell – Say goodbye to the harsh chlorine smell. The small amounts of chlorine produced in saltwater pools don’t have the same effects.

Our Saltwater Pool Maintenance Services

Millennium Pool Service offers routine saltwater pool maintenance services. We will ensure your saltwater system is always running at optimal levels, is properly winterized, and has correct levels. Our saltwater pool experts will check the stabilizer, salinity, pH levels, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and other levels. During our maintenance visits, we can adjust to ensure the pool water is clear and healthy. We will also test and clean the salt chlorine generator every few months. We will perform skimming and cleaning duties to ensure the pool is always clear and safe for swimming.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Saltwater Pool Systems?

The pros of a saltwater pool system include:

  • Saltwater is less abrasive than store-bought chlorine products.
  • The lack of a strong chlorine smell isn’t as harsh to the nose.
  • A typical saltwater pool doesn’t require as much maintenance as a chlorine pool that needs weekly chemical balance testing, chlorine addition, and pool shock.
  • Saltwater offers a soft feeling compared to the traditional chlorine pool water.

The cons of a saltwater pool include:

  • Salt is a corrosive element that can sometimes degrade metal in ladders, diving board brackets, heaters, and other elements.
  • A saltwater pool requires a high level of diligence to keep the pH balanced.
  • The cost to initially install a saltwater system is typically more than installing a chlorine system.

Health Benefits of Saltwater Pool Systems

Saltwater pools can be beneficial to the health of some swimmers. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, an indoor saltwater pool system is often an excellent choice. Chlorinated indoor pool areas often produce too harsh of a smell for someone with asthma or allergies. The smell of chlorination is often the strongest at the pool’s surface, where swimmers take breaths. Saltwater pools offer a healthy alternative where swimmers can take breaths without inhaling harsh amounts of the chlorinated smell that can irritate their lungs.

Saltwater Machine in Springfield, VA

Save Time and Money with a Saltwater Pool

A saltwater pool system is typically more expensive than a chlorine pool system due to the upfront investment in the system. Saltwater pool owners often recoup the installation costs in chemicals and maintenance over the lifetime of their pool. Saltwater pools can help you save time with less maintenance and money with fewer chemicals and upkeep.

The Great Saltwater Pool System Myth

Many people believe myths about salt water pool systems. One of the biggest myths about salt water pool systems is that they do not contain any chlorine. Saltwater pool systems make chlorine through electrolysis, making it less harmful to your eyes and skin. If you want a swimming pool that does not contain any chlorine, we can talk to you about our ultraviolet light and ozone system upgrades. Another myth about salt water pool systems is that they contain high salt levels. A drop of water in a saltwater pool has less salt than a human tear. While a human tear contains about 9,000 PPM, a saltwater pool drop contains about 3,000 PM.

Why Choose Millennium Pool Service?

Millennium Pool Service is proud to offer a wide variety of residential pool services and commercial pool services throughout Frederick, MD, and Springfield, VA. Our professional team will help you find the best pool renovation services and upgrades to meet your needs. Our highly qualified, industry-trained staff team offers the highest level of customer service to ensure your pool is safe with healthy water. We’re committed to complete customer satisfaction and customizing our services for each customer. We understand that maintaining your pool system at your home or business is a significant investment. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Contact Us Today for Saltwater Pool Services

If you’re interested in upgrading your current pool system or installing a saltwater pool system, we’re ready to help you. Our pool remodels services range from installing salt water pool systems and LED lighting to pool enclosures and waterline tile. We can help you turn your swimming pool dreams into reality with our swimming pool services. Contact our team today to get a free estimate!

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