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PVC Pool Liners

We install custom PVC liners in commercial and residential applications. We service Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. PVC liners may be the perfect application for your pool!

The Big Secret of PVC liner pools is that the structure into which they are put has to be stable enough to be absolutely certain that structural failure will not occur but not totally rigid. The important result is that any cracking caused by small structural movements does not lead to leaks because the waterproofing is provided by the PVC liner and not the pool structure itself – this is a massive advantage. This allows the concrete block wall pools to hold water in a way that they have before!

PVC Liner Installation Services in Virginia & Maryland

Suitable for Every Type of Pool

The invention of the PVC liner has been the most significant thing that has ever happened in the global swimming pool industry. PVC liners that are now produced are suitable for every type of pool – from the heaviest used commercial pools – to the pools with the highest environmental loading from ice, snow and the sun.

PVC Pool Shell Lining

The 1.5mm (60mil) PVC Pool Shell Lining systems for Swimming Pool Renovations and New Pool Construction projects are available in solid and printed color designs, the vinyl liner waterproof membrane material will beautify and protect any new or existing project.

Manufactured using pure 100% virgin vinyl and reinforced with non-wicking 1000 x 1000 denier 9×9 weft-inserted polyester, UV stabilized and formulated with an eco-GREEN FRIENDLY PLASTICIZER, the waterproof PVC pool shell membrane can withstand up to 25 years of service life.

PVC Swimming Pool Membrane Installation

Custom fit to any size or any shape, the field fabricated waterproof membrane lining systems will be assembled on-site by factory trained professional welders. Using special handheld thermoplastic welding tools and automatic welding robots, professional welders produce a waterproof PVC coated swimming pool shell that is economical, green-friendly, long lasting and waterproof.

Our 1.5mm (60mil) PVC waterproof membrane lining systems can eliminate many of the problems associated with paints, plasters, fiberglass coatings and or any other coating system! We can put an end to your problem of chipping, peeling, cracking, failing plaster, scraped knees and most importantly…..No More Leaking!

The main component of our system is the 1.5mm PVC (60mil) thick reinforced PVC pool shell and waterproof membrane material.

First, special terminations or preparations for terminations are installed around all fittings, underwater lights or terminating edges. Then the surfaces are sprayed with an anti-micro biocide agent. The first layer of adhesive is applied along with a layer of polyester fleece padding for total isolation of the membrane.

Next, the second layer of adhesive is installed to both the fleece padding and the PVC waterproof membrane at all vertical walls including the deep end walls. All lap seams are thermoplastic welded and a special chemical seam sealer is applied to the edge of the seams for added protection. The waterproof PVC shell can be installed with or without lane markers, custom logos and special non-skid surface material can be installed at stairs, ramps, in shallow water pools or splash pads.

Pool Structure Diagram for Pool Construction in Virginia & Maryland

PVC Pool Liners

PVC membrane used to line the most heavily used commercial pools. The edges of the material are over-lapped, welded and sealed with the very latest hot-air welding tools. The material remains flexible to absorb any slight movement of the shell and existing cracks.

PVC pool liners can be installed on top of any existing pool finish with the minimum of preparation.

PVC Pool Liners Are Flexible, Durable and Compatible With Any Pool Environment

PVC pool liners give you more freedom to design a pool to perfectly compliment the surroundings with any combination of the standard colors. Company logos or other individual designs to further personalize the pool.

PVC pool liners can be installed into any shape or size from private schools for fun and relaxation to Olympic pools for serious competition.

PVC pool liners allow you to include in your design; steps, bays, beach areas, pits for automatic covers, safety ledges and deck level and “lost edge” designs. Non-slip material is laid to step treads and shallow areas for added safety.

PVC pool liners can only be installed by specialist fitters. The work is quick and clean and with no “curing time” to wait for, re-filling can begin whilst the finishing touches are being made. The pool can be back in action very quickly, making it very economical.

The reason PVC liners (membranes) are so successful at solving pool problems is because they are flexible, durable, and compatible with any type of pool environment whether it is concrete, plaster, gunite, fiberglass, aluminum or steel. The PVC Pool Shell is custom installed on site with trained industry professionals to create a proven, watertight system with total design flexibility.

A membrane of reinforced PVC is hot air welded together inside the old pool completely eliminating: leaks, the need to paint, plaster, caulk, sandblast, scrape or hassle with the old shell’s problems. Because the membrane system is completely suspended inside the old shell and does not depend on a bond with the old pool, PVC is unaffected by expansion/contraction and freeze/thaw problems like conventional renovation options. PVC has a non-porous surface making it difficult for algae to adhere thus reducing the amount of seasonal and daily cleanup. PVC also makes concrete construction cold joints watertight allowing reuse of significant portions of existing infrastructures.

Aluminum and Metallic Pool Problems Solved

The special problems experienced in aluminum and mild steel pools due to galvanic or electrolytic corrosion are effectively eliminated when Liners are installed. Since PVC is an excellent insulator, the electrical currents in the body of water are prevented from contacting the metal wall by the 60 mil PVC. If you have a commercial pool service, you can rely on Millennium Pools & Spas for all your pool service needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, or send us a message online. We look forward to serving you!

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