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Energy-Efficient Upgrades to Save Virginia Pools

Taking care of your family’s pool doesn’t have to strain your power usage. Millennium Pools & Spas has expertise in saving you money and energy throughout the year with energy-efficient upgrades. These upgrades include winter pool covers, pool pumps, and alternatives to chlorine to sanitize your pool. Over the past 35 years, we’ve built a reputable business practice of serving our customers’ best interests. With energy-efficient options for your at-home summer enjoyment, your pool can be a more eco-friendly and cost-saving feature of your home.

Energy-Efficient Swimming Pool Upgrades in Maryland and Virginia

Be Eco-Friendly & Save Money

Millennium Pools & Spas encourages our customers to consider energy-efficient options to manage their residential pools. You can protect your summer oasis during the cold months by using winter pools above ground and in-ground, for example. Our team will gladly advise you on the best winter pool cover for your home.

We Specialize in Many Energy-Efficient Options for Your Pool, Including the Following:
Winter Covers

Energy-efficient winter pool covers do more than decrease the evaporation from your pool. They also reduce your energy usage and save you money on power and water. A cover keeps heat in your pool, which prevents your costs from rising during the winter.

Automation Systems

Installing an automation system in your pool, such as a variable-speed pool pump, can significantly drop your energy costs, and they’re environmentally friendly with a much smaller footprint. The cost of upgrading your automation system is well-worth the savings.

Ultraviolet (UV) and Ozone (Chlorine Alternatives)

Sanitizing your pool doesn’t have to mean copious amounts of chemicals poured into the water. The UV light deactivates microorganisms that chlorine cannot. Using ozone shocks your pool continuously uses the combination of both methods, which increases the formation of a powerful oxidizer known as hydroxyl radicals. This oxidizer ensures your pool is always ready for you to swim.

Call Us to Save During the Seasons

Millennium Pools & Spas is ready to help you cut your energy costs while still enjoying a clean pool. Whether your concerns are environmental, financial, or sanitary, we have energy-efficient solutions for homeowners like you in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

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