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Did you install a swimming pool decades ago? Now that the kids have grown, you may find it difficult to justify the maintenance and repair expenses, which are escalating as the pool ages. Perhaps the installation simply doesn’t work for you anymore, so you’re toying with making structural changes and upgrades.

The underlying question is, should your pool be filled and forgotten or renovated and revitalized? Here’s how to help you decide what to do with your inground pool.

Reasons to Fill In Your Swimming Pool

  • Lower your water and energy bills: Depending on the type of pump and heater you have, pool demolition may save you hundreds of dollars a year on water and electricity.
  • Eliminate pool maintenance: Filling in your pool helps you recover time and money that you can put toward maintaining other parts of your home.
  • Reclaim useful space in your backyard: If you can go the whole summer without swimming in your pool once, you may begin to see the seldom-used installation as nothing more than wasted space. Reclaim your yard and use the area to plant a garden, install an outdoor living room, or give your pet more room to romp.
  • Do away with safety concerns: Perhaps you fret about the drowning risks surrounding your unused pool. You may even pay more in liability insurance because of the increased hazards on your property. For these reasons, you might decide to fill in the pool for peace of mind.

Reasons to Replace Your Inground Pool

  • Decrease your maintenance requirements: If you want to keep your pool, you can lower the costc and hassle of maintaining it by replacing inground concrete walls with a vinyl or PVC pool liner. You’ll enjoy fewer leaks, a more beautiful pool, and a 25-year service life.
  • Improve functionality: Perhaps you currently have a baby pool—and a house full of teenagers. Structural changes allow you to update the pool to better suit your family’s changing needs.
  • Add a water feature: A decades-old pool may be an eyesore. By adding a gorgeous fountain, bubbling stones, rock waterfall, or patio pond, you can reinvigorate your outdoor space. Family and friends will certainly be impressed with the changes you’ve made.
  • Improve safety and compliance: Perhaps your pool is old enough that it’s now unsafe or incompliant with current regulations. Rather than filling it in, you can make ADA compliance upgrades to bring your pool into the modern era. These updates may include adding handrails, stairs, ramps, lifts, and transfer systems to improve accessibility for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Whether you decide to fill in or replace your inground pool, Millennium Pool Service can help. We offer a range of pool renovation services and maintenance packages to meet your needs. We can also demolish your pool if you decide you no longer want it. To request more information, please contact us online or call 703.939.5062 in Virginia or 301.591.3750 in Maryland.

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