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Storm Preparation Tips by Millennium Pools & Spas

You’ve put a great deal of time, effort and money into making your pool beautiful and safe for your family to enjoy. Now, you notice a major storm in the forecast. Follow these guidelines, first to prepare your pool to weather the storm, and then to clean up once the wind and rain subside.

Prepare Your Pool Before the Storm
  • Ensure your pool: Long before the storm hits, you should get your backyard pool on your homeowner’s insurance policy. This way, if any damages occur from inclement weather or other scenarios, you won’t have to pay for the repairs out of pocket.
  • Store loose items inside: Everything from patio furniture to pool toys can become dangerous projectiles when the wind picks them up. Take everything you can into the shed or garage; tie-down everything else.
  • Turn off all power to the pool: Whether electricity, gas, or propane powers your pool, shut it off. If a flood is possible, unplug your pump and filtration system and store them in a high, dry place indoors.
  • Leave the pool cover off: This may sound unwise, but covering your pool merely increases the chance of the cover being damaged or torn off. Rainwater will get into the pool either way, so it’s best to leave it uncovered.
  • Add chemicals: Test the water and add chemicals to balance it out. You can also shock the pool for an extra boost against dirt and bacteria that the storm will bring.
  • Trim back trees: If you have the time and resources, trim off dead or overgrown branches from nearby trees to prevent them from breaking off in high winds and landing in the pool below.
  • Don’t worry about draining the water: An empty pool can split, bulge or pop out of the ground. The only time you should drain an in-ground pool is to conduct major
Clean Up Your Pool After the Storm
  • Inspect and turn on the pump and filter: Make sure the electrical components are dry and intact. Then, turn them back on.
  • Remove debris from the water: Pull out large debris by hand. Use a skimmer for twigs, leaves and
  • Brush and vacuum the pool walls: Brushing removes grime and vacuuming cleans out dirt.
  • Rebalance the water chemistry: Adjust the levels to restore them to the ideal ranges. If you didn’t shock the pool before the storm, you might want to do so now.

If you need help getting your pool back to normal after a major storm, Millennium Pool Service can help. We are experts at cleaning, vacuuming and balancing pool water chemistry, even after a natural disaster. Our pool maintenance technicians will make sure the water is safe and sanitary before your family dives back in.

To schedule pool maintenance after a storm or anytime, please contact us today. We have two convenient locations in Frederick, MD and Springfield, VA to better serve you.

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