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Are You Considering a Pool?

If you are thinking about installing an in-ground pool in your backyard, what kind of sanitizing system will you use? This didn’t used to be a question homeowners asked themselves, because traditional chlorine systems were the default, but now salt water pools are becoming ever more popular. Why? There are many advantages of using a saltwater system in your inground pool, including benefits in terms of maintenance, comfort, and protecting your pool equipment. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the many benefits of a salt water system for your pool.

What’s the Difference Between Chlorine and Saltwater Pools?

The first thing to understand is that both systems actually use chlorine. If you have a chlorine system, you are responsible for adding chemicals to your pool and keeping the water balanced. A saltwater pool, on the other hand, uses a salt chlorine generator that automatically converts salt into chlorine and provides a steady stream of it, to keep your pool clean and clear with fewer harsh chemicals. You don’t need a special saltwater pool builder to install a saltwater pool; you can simply install the salt chlorine generator and turn any pool into a saltwater pool.

Six Good Reasons to Choose a Saltwater Pool

  1. Saltwater pools cost less to maintain. Your primary cost with a saltwater pool is the initial investment in equipment and installation. After that, you will have to do very little maintenance. You won’t have to buy chemicals or test the water every week to make sure it is balanced. Instead, you’ll test the water every few weeks and add salt if necessary, and salt is much less expensive than chlorine. With less time and money spent on pool maintenance, you’ll have more time and energy to enjoy your pool.
  2. A saltwater pool is better for your health and your clothing. Especially for people with sensitive skin, chlorine can be very harsh. Additionally, spending time in a chlorinated pool means red, irritated eyes, and excessive wear and tear on bathing suits. Salt water is much gentler, so it’s better for your eyes, hair, and clothing. In fact, a saltwater chlorine generator is a bit like a water softener, and salt chlorinated water will feel silky and leave your skin feeling less dry than it would after a swim in a chlorinated pool. If you’re imagining the kind of salt water you find at the beach, you’re incorrect. The salt water in a pool is closer to saline, with far less salt than you’ll encounter at the ocean.
  3. Saltwater pools are also better for the environment. Chlorine pools can be harmful to the environment, because chlorine releases dangerous byproducts into the air and water. By contrast, saltwater pools only use natural saltwater to generate chlorine. This is a more environmentally friendly option.
  4. A saltwater pool will have a longer lifespan than a chlorine pool. Because natural saltwater is not as harsh on pool equipment as chlorinated water can be, the need to repair and replace parts of your pool will be reduced by a saltwater system. The pool’s lining, too, will hold up better with the lower concentration of chlorine used in saltwater pools, which will save you money in the long run.
  5. There are fewer harsh odors and less discoloration with a saltwater pool. The odor of chlorine in a chlorinated pool is unmistakable and can be quite strong. Even though a saltwater pool contains chlorine, it’s at a much lower concentration. You won’t have the same strong smell, and there is a lower chance of discoloration as there is with harsh chemicals.
  6. You don’t have to deal with chlorine when you have a saltwater pool. Storing and handling chlorine and other harsh chemicals can be a nuisance, and it can also be dangerous. Because saltwater pools don’t use chlorine in its manmade form, but convert salt into chlorine, you won’t have to deal with purchasing, handling, or storing chlorine.

Look to Millennium Pools and Spas for Saltwater Pool System Installation

If you are looking for a salt water pool company to install a saltwater system or maintain your pool, Millennium Pools and Spas can help. With over 30 combined years of experience in the pool industry, we provide a comprehensive range of pool services for both residential and commercial customers in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. When you hire Millennium Pool Service, you get a well-qualified, industry-trained staff of pool contractors and technicians, services that are tailored to your needs, and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us for more information.

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