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Reasons to Consider Pool Renovation

You install a backyard pool, and it feels like your own personal oasis. Then you use it for a few years, keeping up with the regular maintenance, but still, it begins to show some wear and tear. After a while, you might want to think about some renovation. What are some of the top reasons to renovate your pool?

Your Pool Might Need an Update

Every year, new technology comes out, making swimming pools more energy-efficient, more aesthetically pleasing, and more functional. Even if you hired the top swimming pool builder at the time to install your pool, after a few years it’s likely to be outdated. Could you use a new pump, heater, or over? Do you want to add aesthetic elements like lighting, fountains, and waterfalls, or functional elements like a sun shelf? Keeping your swimming pool up to date may require renovation.

A Damaged Pool May Need Renovation

If your pool is cracked, leaking, or not working correctly, it may be time to renovate. Sometimes, a pool company can repair a broken pool, but why not upgrade at the same time? If you have cracks you feel are simply cosmetic, have them inspected by a reputable swimming pool builder, who can determine whether there is cause for concern. Sometimes cracks can be deceiving, and if they are causing a leak, it could be a much bigger problem than you realize. Leaks require expert repair or renovation, to prevent major damage.

An Unsanitary Pool Needs Renovation

You may have done everything in your power to properly maintain your pool, but still have issues like mildew or mold. Sometimes, a pool becomes unsanitary because it’s being used as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If the filtration system is broken or your water is not recirculating properly, these issues can cause unsanitary pool conditions. In this case, renovating the pool may be necessary to incorporate a new system that will keep your pool more sanitary and safer for swimming.

Your Pool May Have Settled

If cracks in your pool are not merely cosmetic, surface scratches, they could be the result of settling or movement. If there is significant movement because of settlings or shifts in the ground beneath the pool, your pool could become badly damaged. Especially if you notice gaps between the earth and the concrete, it is important to have a pool company come out to inspect it and determine how best to fix your problem.

An Unsafe Pool Requires Renovation

If your pool is old and outdated, it might also not be up to current safety standards. It is vital to make sure your pool complies with current law, to keep your friends and family members safe. What’s more, many homeowners decide to renovate their pools because of unsafe elements like outdated slides or diving boards, opting instead for water features or a sun shelf.

Maybe Your Pool Just Isn’t Working for You

If you have a residential pool that just doesn’t appeal to you any more, or a commercial pool that no longer fits your brand, it is perfectly reasonable to want to renovate it. You might not necessarily need to take the whole pool out and start from the beginning, but you can have your pool renovated to make it more beautiful or functional. Some people want to use a pool for swimming laps, while others prefer a pool that can accommodate little ones and offer a fun time for the whole family. Adding a water feature, amending the pool deck, redesigning the steps, or refinishing the pool are all options for making your pool your own and having a more fun and practical space for your family. You might want to enlarge the pool, or make it safer by installing an automatic safety cover, or switch it from a chlorine system to a saltwater system. Whatever makes your pool work better for you, it can be done by a pool renovation company.

Trust the Professionals to Renovate Your Pool

If your pool has seen better days and you are looking for a swimming pool renovation company, Millennium Pools and Spas can help. With over 30 combined years of experience in the pool industry, we provide a comprehensive range of pool services for both residential and commercial customers in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. When you hire Millennium Pool Service, you get a well-qualified, industry-trained staff of pool contractors and technicians, services that are tailored to your needs, and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us for more information.

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