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Signs of a Pool Leak by Millennium Pools & Spas in Maryland

Your pool is a beautiful backyard centerpiece and your family’s favorite way to cool off in the summer. If you have a pool leak, your backyard oasis could be causing problems unbeknownst to you.

Increased water bills from a leaky pool are just the start of your problems. If left undetected, a pool leak can also cause significant damage to your pool deck or even form a sinkhole under your house. If the area collapses, you could have a serious problem.

Don’t let a leaky pool catch you off guard – learn these signs you might have a pool leak.

Higher Water Bills

One of the negative outcomes of a pool leak can also be an early warning sign of trouble. Even the smallest hole can leak hundreds of gallons of water per week, causing your water usage to spike. Keep a close eye on your bills, and if you see the numbers go through the roof one month, it would be wise to test your pool for leaks.

Cracks in and Around the Pool

Check the bond beam, tiling, and other areas in the pool or on the deck. Cracks might indicate that the pool is settling, tree roots are heaving the soil or there’s a leak. Fortunately, once a professional finds and repairs the source of the problem, the cracks can be cleaned and filled.

Standing Water

Do you notice water near the pool even though it hasn’t rained and no one has gone swimming today? This could indicate an above-ground leak somewhere. Stand in the grass near your pool, and see if it feels mushy or uneven. This is a sign of an underground leak, or possibly a problem with your sprinkler system, which you should also deal within a timely fashion.

Fluctuating Chemical Levels

When you test your pool water for chlorine, calcium and other chemicals, they should remain fairly steady from one day to the next, requiring only minor adjustments. However, if you see levels plummet with no explanation, you could have a leak on your hands. After all, leaking water carries dissolved chemicals out of your pool, forcing you to add more than usual to compensate for this loss.

Algae Blooms or Discolored Water

The imbalanced pool chemistry resulting from a leak may allow algae growth or water discoloration to occur. If these problems develop quickly, it’s reasonable to suspect a leak.

Test Your Pool for Leaks

Professional pool leak detection is the best way to tell if your pool is losing water. Millennium Pool Service uses sonar, dive dye tests, pressure testing, and static tests to locate the leak. Once we find it, we fix the problem using permanent solutions to dramatically reduce the chance of the hole reappearing.

To discuss our leak detection methods, or to ask whether the symptoms you see could indicate a possible leak, please contact Millennium Pool Service today. We have two convenient locations in Frederick, MD and Springfield, VA that allow us to better serve you.

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