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Benefits of Pool Service in Maryland

Your backyard pool is the perfect place to relax and soak up the summer sun. Of course, regular maintenance is necessary to keep the water clean and safe for your family to swim in. This involves more than just skimming debris off the surface and adding a few chemicals from time to time. Here’s how you’ll benefit when you rely on professional pool service this summer.

Save Time

Swimming pool maintenance is a laborious chore. You want to spend your time enjoying the water, not cleaning it! Plus, you need to research a great deal just to figure out what tasks to do and how. When you hand off cleaning services to a professional, you free up your valuable time to enjoy your pool to the fullest.

Save Money

Sure, professional pool service costs more than DIY cleaning, but it can actually save you money in the long run. After all, you need specialized tools and chemicals to perform pool maintenance. When you hire a professional, you avoid the need to purchase and store these items at your home.

Plus, technicians are trained to spot problems that pool owners might not readily notice. As a result, professionals can locate leaks, fix rips, and service the pump and filter before serious problems develop. Detecting issues early on can potentially save you a substantial amount on repair and replacement costs.

Achieve the Proper Chemical Balance

You should test your pool water regularly and add chemicals as needed, but without training, you can’t be absolutely certain that the water is hygienic and chemically balanced. That’s why it’s beneficial to have a skilled pool maintenance technician check it routinely. This way, you can relax knowing bacteria growth and algae blooms will remain at bay, and the water will stay crystal clear all season long.

Ensure a Thorough Job

Depending on your needs, you should plan to schedule weekly or biweekly maintenance. Such timely service ensures the water is always swimmable. Professionals are thorough, providing far more than surface skimming. Here’s what to expect at every visit:

  • Balance the water chemistry
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Clean the skimmers
  • Backwash the filter
  • Blow the deck area
Get Help Opening and Closing Your Pool

The start and end of the season require extra care to ensure the quality and longevity of your pool. Leave pool opening services to a professional so you don’t miss a single minute of the swimming season. Then, schedule pool closing services again in the fall for proper winterization before cold weather sets in.

Schedule Professional Pool Service in Maryland, Virginia & DC

Millennium Pool Service is backed by over 35 years of pool cleaning experience. We offer first-class services in a timely, efficient and professional manner. Trust our licensed and insured technicians to keep your pool sparkling clean from opening day to your final swim of the season.

Request pool services from us today! We have convenient locations in Frederick, MD and Springfield, VA to better serve you.

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