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A hot tub can be an amazing place to relax, but when it gets cloudy or foamy, it’s less than inviting. Don’t let cloudy hot tub water keep you from using your hot tub! Follow these simple steps for keeping hot tub water clean.

  • Check the balance. For the water to be clear and sparkling, the water must be balanced. When the water is unbalanced, the result can be staining, scale buildup or foamy, cloudy water. Check the alkalinity and pH levels, because if they’re off, it can make it difficult to keep the sanitizer levels where they need to be. You may even find that you’re adding sanitizer more frequently and it’s not working as effectively as it should. Use a test strip to check the water balance and then adjust it as necessary.
  • Treat for contaminants. Once the water is balanced, check the sanitizer level, because insufficient sanitizer is often the cause of cloudy hot tub water. Contaminants in the water can come from hair products, skin products, detergents, oil, and lotions. In addition to sanitizer, using non-chlorine shock regularly can help break down organic waste contaminants.
  • Clean the filter. Dirty or clogged filters can make maintaining hot tub water difficult as well as putting undue strain on your hot tub pump. Sometimes, even filters that look clean are coated in oils, lotions, and soaps that can cause the water to look foamy or cloudy. Rinse the pleated hot tub filter with a garden hose every month and deep clean it with a filter cleaning product every time you change your water. Doing so will increase the efficiency of your filters, help your pumps work more effectively, and keep your water sparkling clean. Replace your filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check the circulation. For the water to be cleaned, it must move freely through the filtration system. Additionally, proper circulation distributes the chemicals evenly through the water. Allowing your hot tub to sit for long periods without the water circulating can lead to cloudy water. Set your hot tub’s circulation to the maximum allowable level.
  • Change the bulb. Some hot tubs are equipped with a UV-C water purification system. If the bulb isn’t replaced at the recommended intervals, it can fail to purify the water, resulting in cloudy hot tub water.
  • Consider refilling the tub. No matter how well you keep up with hot tub maintenance, the water will still need to be changed periodically. If your water is more than a few months old, draining the hot tub and refilling it may clear up your water.

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