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Pool Opening Services in Maryland

As the weather warms, you’re eager to get your backyard pool up and running again. Millennium Pool Service offers the pool opening packages you need to ensure a safe, clean pool to start the season off right. Here’s what our services entail.

Clean, Remove & Store the Pool Cover

Before the pool cleaners arrive, sweep away dead leaves and other large debris from the pool cover. Then, remove any standing water from the cover with a pool cover pump. Now, the cover is ready for us to remove, dry, fold, and store for the summer.

Top off the Water Level

You probably lost a few inches of water to evaporation over the winter, so top off the water as soon as the cover is removed to avoid needing to balance the chemistry twice. Be sure to use a host filter to prevent dissolved metals from entering the pool.

Skim the Pool

Although the pool cover should have kept most debris out of the water, a skimming net is the best way to catch anything that fell in.

Test the Water & Add Chemicals

The safety and beauty of your pool rely on properly balanced chemicals. This is a delicate process, one that must be performed correctly at the start of the season and maintained all summer long. We are knowledgeable and experienced with water testing and adding chemicals. Plus, chemicals are included in our pool opening service package at no extra charge.

Remove Winterizing Plugs

When we closed your pool last fall, we blew out the pipes and installed winterizing plugs to prevent freezing. Now, the process goes in reverse, removing the plugs and allowing water from the pool to flow back into the pipes.

Test Your Filter, Pump & Heater

We reinstall equipment drain plugs and strainer baskets. Then, your filter, pump, and heater are ready for inspection and testing. If everything looks good after a visual inspection, we prime and start the filter pump to get the water circulating.

Brush & Vacuum the Pool

To head off algae problems, we thoroughly brush and vacuum your pool as part of our pool opening services, a process that takes about 30 minutes.

Reinstall Ladders & Handrails

Once the pool is clean, chemically balanced, and running again, it’s time to reinstall any ladders, handrails, and other pool attachments that were removed last fall.

Circulate the Water for 24 Hours

Thanks to the expert assistance of our technicians, the hard part of opening your pool is over. All you need to do now is let the water circulate for 24 hours so the filtration system has time to mix up the chemicals and filter out any remaining debris. By tomorrow, your pool should be crystal clear and ready to swim in! One final water balance test will tell you for sure.

To arrange a pool opening service in Maryland or Virginia, please contact Millennium Pool Service. Be sure to schedule your appointment early so we can accommodate your preferred date and time!

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