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How do you keep your swimming pool clean? There are so many different pool cleaning systems on the market, it can be difficult to decide on the right one for your pool. However, one system is gaining popularity among new pool owners, and with good reason. The integrated systems known as in-floor pool cleaners are a great choice because they’re very low maintenance and they do a great job.

  • How do they work? In-floor pool cleaners use an automatic valve or a set of electro-valves to distribute water to different areas of the pool. A series of nozzles placed in areas like stairs, walls, and the bottom of the pool disburse pressured water to sweep dirt and debris into the in-floor cleaner’s drain. They work for any size of pool, and the power of the water circulation can be adjusted as needed. Look for a system that sanitizes, distributes chemicals evenly, and reduces heat loss as well as cleaning the pool. Systems that use two water sources create a much stronger jet, and that stronger pressure can help collect and remove dirt.
  • What’s so important about circulation? When water circulates efficiently, chemicals are distributed properly and there’s no accumulation of dirt and debris. Cleaning heads that are placed in areas like the floor, steps, and benches of the pool, providing 360-degree rotation, provide excellent circulation and cleaning. In-floor systems also make the swimming environment more enjoyable, by distributing clean, heated water evenly throughout the pool.
  • What makes in-floor pool cleaners such a good option? If you’ve owned a pool before, you know that keeping up with the maintenance of skimming, brushing, and treating with chemicals is time-consuming and labor-intensive. When you install an in-floor pool cleaner, you’re freeing yourself up to enjoy your pool, without the hassle of having to clean it. Talk to a professional before you install your pool because in-floor cleaners have to be installed at the same time as the swimming pool.

Whether or not you have an in-floor pool cleaner, when you need someone to help you take care of your pool, you can trust Millennium Pool Service to get the job done right. Established in 2006, we’ve got over 30 combined years of experience in the pool industry. We provide a comprehensive range of services for both residential and commercial customers in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. When you enlist the help of Millennium Pool Service, you get a well-qualified, industry-trained staff, services that are specifically tailored to your unique needs, and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do. In Virginia, call us at 703. 939. 5062, and in Maryland you can reach us at 301. 591. 3750. Of course, you can always contact us through our website, as well.

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