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Does Your Commercial Pool Need Renovation?

If you are in charge of the pool in a commercial space, are you considering renovations? You might wonder how to know if you need to renovate your pool, and to what extent. Common things that cause you to get a pool renovation include safety, appearance, and comfort, and if any of these are lacking, it may be time to plan a renovation. Here, we discuss essential items to consider when renovating a commercial pool.

Where is Your Pool Lacking?

A pool adds appeal to your commercial space unless it’s old and rundown. When that happens, it can actually detract from the appearance of your property and become a liability rather than an asset. Look at your pool with a critical eye, to determine what needs to be improved. First and foremost, is it safe? A pool deck that is slippery, cracked, or worn can be dangerous for your clients and guests and must be remedied, probably updated with new materials before an unfortunate incident occurs. While safety is of vital concern, appearance matters, too. A pool that looks outdated or dirty will not be inviting to potential users, but renovating your pool can dramatically increase your property’s appeal, as well as its value. Finally, consider the comfort of your pool. Is it a place where people can relax and enjoy themselves? If not, you may want to renovate it, adding amenities that will enhance your guest’s comfort and encourage them to enjoy themselves.

Improving the Safety of Your Commercial Pool

Sometimes, improving the safety of your pool is as simple as renovating the pool deck with a fresh sealant. In other cases, though, making your pool safe requires something more complex. It could be that you need to replace your pool deck, or it could be that the pool is old enough to have an unsafe lighting system, and you must replace the electrical system in order to bring it up to code. Any time you do renovations, have the electrical system inspected so that you will stay on top of necessary replacements.

Assessing the Look of Your Pool

How is the pool’s finish? Is it negatively impacting the look of your pool? If it appears worn out or dirty, you may need to have the pool refinished. On the other hand, you might want to change the aesthetics of the pool simply because it no longer fits your brand. Especially if your company has undergone a rebranding, it may be time to change the look of your pool. You can do this by refinishing it with tile or pebbling, but there are a variety of options available. While you are thinking about your brand, though, consider other ways the pool may no longer fit your image. Is your company eco-conscious? Consider a saltwater pool sanitizing system, which is much more up-to-date, modern, and eco-friendly.

Another environmentally friendly option is epoxy swimming pool paint. This is a good way to handle renovations that involve repairs, resurfacing, recoating, or refurbishment. Crack-proof and versatile, it can be used on fiberglass, carbon steel, concrete, and gunite, greatly improving the look of your pool’s surface.

Improving Poolside Comfort

What can people expect when they visit your pool? Are there any amenities? Adding features during the renovation process can boost the comfort level as well as the aesthetic appeal of your pool. A bar, a pergola, or the right landscaping can make a huge difference in the appeal of your pool. You want your guests to feel like they are relaxing in a tropical oasis when they visit the pool on your property. How can you accomplish this? Add shady spots, using plants, trees, cabanas, pergolas, and other features. You may also choose to add interest with elements like a waterfall, a fountain, or a sun shelf. Think about what will most appeal to your guests, and work within your budget to achieve it.

Commercial Pool Renovation from Millennium Pools and Spas

If you are no longer satisfied with the look and function of your commercial pool and you are looking for a swimming pool renovation company, Millennium Pools and Spas can help. With over 30 combined years of experience in the pool industry, we provide a comprehensive range of pool services for both residential and commercial customers in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. When you hire Millennium Pool Service, you get a well-qualified, industry-trained staff of pool contractors and technicians, services that are tailored to your needs, and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us for more information.


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