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Pool Maintenance Steps by Millennium Pools & Spas

Pool maintenance is an important part of owning any type of pool, whether it is residential or commercial. With commercial pool maintenance near Springfield, VA, your company will not have to worry about a dirty pool or potentially harmful cleaning chemicals being mishandled. Here is a look at the essential steps in pool maintenance:

Skim Daily

Unless your company has contracted a daily pool service to maintain the pool, the water should be skimmed by someone every day. If the pool is located outside, especially near trees or dense foliage, the water is likely to accumulate debris on a regular basis. If these leaves, bugs, dirt, and other debris are not cleaned out every day with a skimmer, then they could potentially clog the vacuum or filters. Depending on the debris, there could also be harmful pollutants that leach into the water or pool structure if not removed.

Vacuum Weekly

In addition to skimming the water daily, someone should vacuum the pool at least once a week. There are robotic vacuums that run by themselves; however, many companies contract a commercial pool service to vacuum pools once a week. With a professional vacuuming your company pool, you can rest assured that leftover debris, dirt, and growing algae will be removed.

Maintain or Adjust Pool Chemicals

No matter the type of custom pool construction you have, it is very important to closely monitor and maintain the pool’s chemical system. This step should only be trusted to a professional in pool maintenance. The chemicals required to sanitize a pool properly can become harmful if handled incorrectly or in the wrong amounts. Only a certified and experienced technician in commercial pool services should be given this responsibility.

Backwash and Clean the Filters

Backwashing a filter means releasing filtered-out dirty water through a designated waste line. The filter itself should be cleaned regularly, as well. A cartridge filter is easily cleaned by hosing the filter off and reinserting it into the unit. Professional pool maintenance will also offer this service when adjusting the chemicals.

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