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Have you noticed a drop in your pool’s water levels? While this may seem like a minor issue, it is something that should not be ignored. Ignoring pool leaks can lead to potential hazards, which can cause significant damage to your pool, negatively impact the environment, and hurt your wallet. Your pool is an essential investment, and keeping it properly maintained is crucial to its longevity. So, in this blog post, we will explore some of the hazards of ignoring pool leaks and how you can prevent them.

Potential Structural Damage

Ignoring pool leaks can lead to structural damage to your pool. Water leaking out of the pool without proper drainage eventually damages the ground surrounding the pool. If your pool is situated near your home’s foundation, the leaking water could eventually seep into it, leading to significant foundational damage. Over time, this leakage can lead to costly repairs or even the need for a complete overhaul of your pool’s structure.

Environmental Hazards

Low water levels caused by pool leaks can become an environmental hazard by causing soil erosion and sedimentation. When this happens, soil, sand, and silt from the surrounding area can erode and end up in your pool, causing damage to your pool pumps and filters. Moreover, leaking pool water can also cause damage to your lawn or garden, harm plants, and vegetation. In addition, the leakage can cause the loss of valuable water resources, overburdening our environment, and contributing to wastage.

Health Risks

Ignoring pool leaks can lead to the growth of algae and bacteria in your pool, leading to health risks like skin infections and other illnesses. Potential hazards include local wildlife such as rodents, reptiles, and even fungi, attracted to the leaking water, and create a potential health hazard for family and pets.

Pool Aesthetics

Ignoring pool leaks can cause damage to the aesthetics of your pool area. The ground surrounding your pool can become muddy, leading to unsightly landscapes and odors. A pool that’s frequently losing water refill could also have staining problems in the basin, causing unsightly markings if not addressed promptly.

Tips for Leak Detection

  • Enlist the professionals: If you want to make sure your pool enjoys a long and efficient working life, you will need to take certain steps to keep it in shape, such as finding a reliable pool service company. It helps to understand how to tell if your pool is leaking so that you can call for pool service serving Springfield, VA if the need arises.
  • Check the pool area for moisture: Examine the area around the pool for moisture and keep an eye on your water level over time. If you see any signs of erosion around your pool area, you might be dealing with a leak. If you still cannot tell if your pool is leaking, you can always call your professional pool service company for an inspection.
  • Mark the water level: If you notice a suspect amount of moisture around the perimeter of your pool, try using a piece of tape to mark the water level in your pool. You can then return the following day to find out if the water is at the same level. If your water level has dropped significantly, you could very well have a leak on your hands; remember that about a quarter-inch of daily water loss is normal.

Contact the Professionals at Millennium Pools & Spas for Leak Detection Services

If you have taken steps to check for pool leaks and you are still unsure of whether your pool is leaking, it may be time to bring in the professionals. Contact the experts at Millennium Pools & Spas can provide comprehensive and effective pool leak detection services and repair solutions in Ijamsville, MD, Springfield, VA, and Washington DC and nearby areas. Keep your pool functioning correctly to enjoy it for years to come!

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