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As a homeowner, you know that your property requires occasional updates to remain safe and aesthetically pleasing. This goes for your backyard swimming pool as well. If the installation is over a decade old and has never been updated, this could be the year for a pool renovation. Keep an eye out for these signs that it’s time to remodel your swimming pool.


Pools can develop leaks in many places, including around skimmers, pipe valves, drains, jets, and light fixtures. Don’t take any chances—schedule leak detection if you have even the slightest suspicion that your pool is leaking. If it is, you can have the problem fixed while remodeling your pool.

Damaged Tiles, Decking, or Coping

Broken pool surfaces can be unattractive, dangerous, and prone to leakage. Have a pool maintenance expert examine these problems to determine if they pose any immediate threats. Even if the damage is purely cosmetic, you may want to resurface your swimming pool simply to restore its appearance.

Noisy or Inefficient Pool Equipment

If a loudly operating pump, inefficient heater, or malfunctioning filter detracts from your swimming experience, it could be time to replace them. Upgrading your pool equipment is an investment, but it will pay you back over time in energy savings and a longer pool lifespan.

Safety Concerns

Many people remodel their pools with aesthetics and functionality in mind, but safety should be your top priority. A renovation can resolve issues with faulty electrical designs, broken grates, or damaged pool surfaces that might cause injury.

You also have the option of installing childproof pool fencing as part of your renovation project. Along with teaching your family about swimming pool safety, this addition can go a long way toward preventing drowning accidents.

Design Limitations

Perhaps you love having a swimming pool, but you wish it was more comfortable and inviting. A renovation presents the perfect opportunity to overhaul the design and layout of your backyard oasis, enticing every family member to use it more often. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Expand the size or change the shape of your swimming pool.
  • Add a fountain, hot tub, or spillover spa.
  • Install a tanning shelf or long bench in the shallow end.
  • Update the decking material with stone, pavers, brick, or wood.
  • Resurface the pool or replace the vinyl liner.
  • Install color-changing LED lights.
  • Convert your pool into a saltwater system.
  • Create a getaway complete with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, pavilion, and more.

Whether you want to update a small portion of your swimming pool, or you’re ready for a complete overhaul, the experts at Millennium Pool Service are here to help. We have all the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to transform the look of your backyard oasis. To begin the pool renovation process, please call us at 703.939.5062 if you’re located in DC or Virginia, or call 301.591.3750 for pool services in Maryland. You can also contact us online.

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