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Safe Diving Board Practices + Diving Board Alternatives

Perhaps no single object hearkens back more nostalgia than that of a diving board. Whether you were a young child looking up to the older neighborhood kids who could execute a “Perfect 10” dive, or a teenager spending your lazy summer days diving off into the deep end, diving boards and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly.

With that being said, diving boards continue to pose an increased risk to children and adults alike. In fact, over 6,500 children have to head to the ER each year as a result of diving. Whether you’re a parent who just installed an above-ground or in-ground pool, or a community leader looking for safe diving board alternatives, the team at Millennium Pool Service will ensure that everyone can enjoy the pool in a safe way.

Diving Boards Need Deep Ends

Most significantly, if you do decide to install a diving board, be sure that there is a designated shallow and deep area. Divers should be the only group of individuals allowed in the deep end at any one given time, while children and casual pool waders should always be in the shallow end.

3 Meters is Too Much

Beyond shallow and deep ends, it must be noted that 3-meter diving boards should be avoided. Although the increased height of 3-meter diving boards do not contribute to an increase in injuries, its ladders do. When climbing up to the 3-meter diving board, children and adults alike have an increased chance of slipping, falling, and obtaining an injury from falling. Plus, with safety railings not required on all models, not all diving boards are equipped with the preventative measures to avoid injuries.

Diving Board Alternatives

If you prefer to avoid diving boards for your pool altogether, there are still many pool features and water features that provide the same amount of fun. Below are the top four diving board alternatives:

  1. Diving Rocks: With a sturdy foundation, large surface area, and limitless aesthetic options, diving rocks provide a safer alternative to diving boards. With all of that being said, you should still designate a “deep end” and “shallow end” if you decide that diving rocks are perfect for you.
  2. Slides: Chances are your childhood diving board had a fun and twisty slide next to it. Why not make it the star of the show this time around? With small and large sizes alike, all kinds of shapes for the best summer imaginable, and unlimited color options to accentuate your pool, slides are a safe and fun diving board alternative.
  3. Rope Swing: For those that want to replicate the fun times of a lake vacation, consider a rope swing. Just be sure that whatever you are suspending it from is sturdy, heavy, and unmovable.
  4. Climbing Walls: For the adventurous ones that want to reimagine the rugged terrain of the outdoors, try installing a climbing wall. With modular panels that are interchangeable, you can rotate them multiple ways and create a variety of challenging yet safe options.

Looking for that perfect addition to your pool? Be sure to check out all of our pool renovation options.

Regardless of whether you want to install a safe and effective diving board, or fun and exciting diving board alternatives, contact the Virginia and Maryland Millennium Pool Service team today.

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