The Advantages of Plaster for Your Pool

If you are planning swimming pool renovation or installation this season, then you can benefit from pool plastering in Frederick, MD. Your backyard pool can provide years of fun and relaxation for your family, and choosing plaster for your pool’s surface can help it to deliver years of function and elegance. pool - plaster

Durable Beauty

Plaster is the material that you have seen featured in many pools for decades and is a popular choice for both residential and commercial pool construction. Properly maintaining your pool chemicals is the key to preserving any pool surface and over the years, plaster has proven itself to be durable against the chemicals present in properly maintained pool water. When your pool’s chemistry is kept in balance, you can expect your plaster to provide years of function and beauty for your pool. No other pool surface can claim the time-tested durability that plaster can.

Customizable Appearance

Made from white Portland cement and marble sand, white plaster is the material that is traditionally used for pool plastering. The white plaster provides a bright surface from which the sparkling blue colors of the water can reflect. White plaster continues to be a popular choice for pool surfaces, but there are other color options available. Tinted plaster can be customized to achieve the shade that you prefer, with gray plaster deepening the blue appearance of the water, and black plaster creating a deep lake effect.

Affordable Quality

The initial cost of plaster is far below that of many other pool surface options and, additionally, it’s lifespan can reach as long as 25 years under ideal conditions. This means that your pool surface can require fewer repairs and less-frequent replacement than other choices you may be considering. Additionally, if you find that your pool plastering does need a touch-up, plaster is a material that is forgiving and easily to repair. Stains and discolorations that mar your pool’s surface can be sanded off or chemically removed to give your pool a like-new appearance. You’ll find that the value and quality that plaster offers is difficult to beat.

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