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During particularly warm Octobers, it may be possible to keep your pool open through Halloween. Before the off-season officially arrives, consider incorporating your pool into your home’s spooky holiday decor to thrill trick-or-treaters and pool party guests alike.

  1. Floating pumpkin heads: Here’s a simple yet effective Halloween pool decor—fill plastic Jack-o-lanterns with glow sticks or battery-operated lights and set them on the water. They’ll float around eerily, offering a toothy grin to passersby.
  2. Glowing hands: Fill a dozen or so latex gloves with glow sticks. Inflate the gloves, tie them off, and toss them into the pool. It’s creepy to see glowing hands drifting across the water at night.
  3. Floating Halloween props: You can set any lightweight decorations in the water for a spooky effect. Jack-o-lantern beach balls, plastic bones, giant foam bugs, and coffin floats are just a few ideas.
  4. Skeleton swimmer: Lay a life-size plastic skeleton on an inner tube or inflatable lounger. Complete the look by giving the skeleton sunglasses, a hat, or a drink in his hand.
  5. Pool dye: Whether you choose blood red or slime green, swimming pool dye is a fun and easy way to get into the Halloween spirit. Be sure to purchase a safe, non-toxic dye that won’t stain your pool. The color should stick around for three to five days, eventually filtering out and returning to its crystal-clear appearance.
  6. Colored pool lights: Don’t want to dye the water? You can still achieve a color-changing look after dark with colored lights or lens covers. Black lights in strategic places around your yard further add to the spooky vibe.
  7. Bubbling water: Point your pool returns up so the water bubbles like a witch’s cauldron. For a more noticeable effect, add laundry soap to create a foamy swimming pool. Once the holiday is over, shock the pool and run the filter to break up the soap particles.
  8. Foggy water: Give your pool a swamp-like appearance with a fog machine or dry ice. The spooky aura will waft across the yard to thrill partygoers. If you achieve a foggy effect with dry ice, make sure no one jumps in the water until it has dissipated completely. Touching dry ice with your bare skin can cause burns.
  9. Spooky yard decorations: Take your Halloween pool decor to the next level by decorating the area around the pool as well. You can find outdoor props aplenty this time of year, from plastic tombstones and bats to fake spider webs and flickering LED candles.
  10. Halloween music and sound effects: For the final touch, turn on some spooky music. You might use Halloween-themed songs, such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Bobby Pickett’s “Monster Mash.” You can also play creepy sound effects for background ambiance.

Everyone at Millennium Pool Service wishes you a fun, safe Halloween! For more swimming pool tips, or to schedule pool maintenance and cleaning, please contact us at 703.939.5062 in Virginia or 301.591.3750 in Maryland.

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