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Having a backyard pool is great for entertaining, but it can become dull if all you’re doing is hanging out in the water. Next time you throw a pool party, why not come up with some games to play in the swimming pool? If you need help getting started, we’ve got this handy list of swimming pool games for adults, teens, and kids, so you can keep the whole crowd happy!

  • Some of the most fun pool games are the simple classics, like Marco Polo. In case you’re unfamiliar with this tag-like pool game, it involves a volunteer who will be “it” and either be blindfolded or keep his or her eyes closed the entire time. The person who is it yells “Marco” and the other participants must reply “Polo” to give some clues as to their location. The designated “it” feels around the pool and when he or she catches someone, that person becomes “it.”
  • Pool volleyball needs a bit of inexpensive equipment. String a net across the pool and play the game using a volleyball or beach ball. If you prefer, you can also get an inflatable net set that floats in the pool.
  • Tug of war is one of those pool games kids and adults can enjoy. Using a long, thick rope, you can play this game in two ways. Either designate a spot in the pool across which the teams should try to pull each other, or have the teams stay out of the pool and try to pull each other into the water.
  • A treasure or scavenger hunt is a crowd pleaser. Have the participants pair up and work together to find items on a list, in or around the pool. Make sure everyone is comfortable with the pool depth and that safety precautions are followed.
  • Sharks and minnows is a fun pool game for kids. One person, the shark, gets into the middle of the pool, with boundaries determined that can’t be crossed to reach the minnows. The other swimmers, the minnows, line up along one side of the pool. The shark yells, “Go!” and the minnows have to try to cross the pool without being tagged by the shark. Each minnow who is tagged becomes a shark, and the last minnow gets to be the shark in the next game.
  • Pool fishing is fun that helps develop hand-eye coordination. Give each child a net and drop or throw small pool toys into the water. Challenge the kids to catch the objects before they hit the bottom, and see who can catch the most.
  • Playing mermaids challenges kids’ imaginations and physicality. This game works best for strong swimmers because the object is to keep your feet together the entire time you’re swimming. Make up a scenario and act it out, keeping the feet together to make a “mer-person” tail.
  • Diving toy games can be fun for kids, teens, and adults. All you need is something to dive for, and you can either time people individually to see who can pick up all the items fastest, or you can make it more of a free-for-all, trying to see who can gather the most objects when everyone is diving for them at once. This is a fun game for teens and adults to play at night with glow sticks, and it can get pretty rowdy with everyone competing to collect the most!

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