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A pool deck constructed from concrete can be incredibly long-lasting, but it can still suffer damage from regular usage, exposure to weather elements and chemicals. Cracks, chips, and other signs of wear and tear can appear on your concrete pool deck, which can make it look old and uninviting. So, what can you do to restore your pool deck? You can explore different pool repair options that can rejuvenate its appearance and ensure its longevity. At Millennium Pools & Spas, we provide comprehensive pool deck repair solutions throughout Ijamsville, MD, Springfield, VA, and Washington DC. In this blog post, we’ll briefly take you through various repair options available to our clients.

Crack Repair

Cracks are a common problem with concrete pool decks, and if left untreated, they can expand and affect your overall pool’s structure. A professional contractor can use various repair tools to fill the cracks and prevent them from getting bigger. Typically, we use an epoxy filler, a special two-part substance that bonds to the concrete surface, even after it has cured.


If your concrete pool deck is fading, or worn out, you might consider resurfacing. Resurfacing may entail applying a concrete overlay on the existing concrete, providing an extra protective layer that enhances the deck’s durability. Additionally, the resurfaced deck can add color, texture, and a new look to your pool deck.

Concrete Leveling

If you have sunken and uneven sections of the pool deck, leading to tripping hazards and water drainage problems, then consider concrete leveling as a repair option. Millennium Pools & Spas uses slab jacking foam to level the sinking areas under the existing concrete slab. Concrete leveling can provide a stable surface and ensure the water drains evenly, preventing accidents.

Expansion Joint Replacement

Expansion joints are gaps or lines you see on your concrete pool deck that allows free movement to flex against temperature changes while maintaining its structural integrity. Over time, exposure to water and chemicals can cause expansion joints to damage or wear out, which calls for replacement. Professional pool companies typically use a polyurethane material that provides elasticity, flexibility, and durability to keep your concrete pool deck in optimal condition for years to come.

Power Washing

If your concrete pool deck is dirty or stained, consider power washing. Power washing essential removes dirt, grime, and stains, including mineral buildup from pool water, oil and grease stains, and rust stains. Regular power washing can help maintain your pool deck’s appearance and improve the overall aesthetic of your swimming pool. For Discoloration or stains we also use coloring agents and cleaners to help remove the issues.

Neglecting minor repairs on your concrete pool deck can result in significant repairs or complete replacement in the future. At Millennium Pools & Spas, we offer a comprehensive line of pool repair and restoration services that can restore your pool to its original condition. Contact us today at 301-591-3750 (Ijamsville, MD) or 703-939-5062 (Springfield, VA) to schedule an appointment or a free inspection. Our professional team is waiting to assist you with all of your pool needs.

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