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If you’ve got a pool, you already have a lovely oasis of peace in your back yard. Want to take that tranquility and beauty to the next level? Go for some pool landscaping! We’ve got some great pool landscaping ideas to turn your ordinary backyard pool into an extraordinary slice of paradise.

  • Create a tropical oasis. Lush, jungle-inspired landscaping can make your pool feel like a vacation getaway, but what if you don’t live in a tropical climate? It’s not a problem, because there are plants that give the same aesthetic feel in most climates. Talk to a landscaping expert about things like ferns, hostas, and hibiscus, or plant your tropical flora in containers that can go inside when the temperatures drop.
  • Build a rock wall or put in a waterfall for a dramatic look. Elevated boulders around the edge of the pool can really make a statement, especially if you incorporate some artificial boulders with built-in speakers. Want to up your game? Use the same rock wall concept but incorporate a waterfall feature for a touch of glamour.
  • Make your backyard pool feel like a resort. Attention-grabbing planters built directly into the landscaping are perfect for showcasing flowers, shrubs, and trees to make lounging by your pool feel like staying at a luxury resort.
  • Give yourself a little privacy. Of course, privacy is important when you’re lounging by the pool in your swimwear. Using landscaping to create natural barriers will give you the seclusion you need while providing a truly beautiful setting. By working with a landscaper, you can plant your vegetation far enough away from the pool to minimize the dropping of leaves and other debris into the water.
  • Add a backyard structure for additional appeal. Think about what would make your outdoor living space complete. Could you use an outdoor kitchen for entertaining? Maybe a cabana that offers you storage space and shade is the perfect idea for you. On the other hand, if shade is your priority, a sail shade and some lounging chairs could be the best fit, or a pergola covered in flowering vines.
  • Try a little xeriscaping. Using rocks and drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plants around your pool is an eco-friendly option that offers several benefits. Not only does it give your pool a fun, Palm Springs-like ambience, but it can save money by reducing the size of your pool deck and the number of pavers you’ll need to pave it.
  • Put some grass between the pavers. This is a great way to space your pavers and give your feet a lush carpeting while you’re at it. It also gives your pool area a charming look that’s both modern and classic at the same time.
  • Make nighttime hangouts more fun with a firepit. Does your crew tend to hang out late into the evening? Make your space more inviting with a beautiful, built-in firepit.
  • Use lights to your advantage. String lights and tiki torches can be charming, but professionally installed lighting is a much more upscale option. There are some amazing LED pool lighting solutions on the market that can create not only a safe environment but also a beautiful atmosphere for hanging out.
  • Build in a poolside bar. If you’re having a new pool installed, you can always include a swim-up bar in the design. For an existing pool, a freestanding combo bar and grill space will take your pool parties to the next level.
  • Consider a wooden deck. Especially if your pool decking features concrete or pavers, adding a wooden deck can be a great way to mix materials and add interest. A floating deck beside the pool can create the illusion of added space, and a deck can create additional functional space where you can put seating and dining space.
  • Make your pool party-worthy with built-in seating. Sure, you can get away with some lounge chairs, but built-in benches can make the landscaping feel more inviting, especially when you make them feel like your home with outdoor cushions.
  • Landscape for all of the senses. The plants around your pool can be a delight for the eyes, but how do they smell? Consider planting fragrant blooms for a wonderful multi-sensory experience.
  • Skip all of the above for a minimalist look. Your landscaping around the pool doesn’t have to be lush, dramatic, or eye-catching to be appealing. Clean lines and manicured grass can give your deck a modern look that directs focus to the pool.

There’s no right or wrong way to landscape around your pool, because it’s all about your personal, unique style. No matter how you choose to decorate it, when you need someone to care for your pool or you’re ready for pool renovations, Millennium Pools and Spas can help. With over 30 combined years of experience in the pool industry, we provide a comprehensive range of services for both residential and commercial customers in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. When you hire Millennium Pools and Spas, you get a well-qualified, industry-trained staff of experienced pool contractors and technicians, services that are tailored to your needs, and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us for more information.

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