The Benefits of Having a Pool Cover

A new pool installation in Frederick, MD is a significant investment, so you should do what you can to protect it. Pool maintenance includes many components, and a consistent maintenance routine can keep your pool comfortable, efficient and sanitary. Your pool cover comes with a multitude of benefits; it will help you retain heat and thus save energy, and it can also help you conserve water. You can even use your pool cover to keep your water as clean and sanitary as possible. Continue on for a closer look at the benefits of having a cover for pool maintenance.


Enjoy Your Heat

No matter where you live, it can be nice to keep your pool heated. Heating your pool is not free, however, but you can retain your heat by taking the proper steps. A pool cover will help trap heat in your pool, which relieves your pool heater of some of its responsibility. Without a pool cover, your heated water may evaporate and lose its comfortable temperature. This means that your heater will have to work harder to maintain the temperature of the water. By retaining this heat and easing the burden of your heater, a pool cover can help you save on heating and maintenance costs.

Conserve Water

Water in an uncovered pool might not just lose heat; it can also evaporate entirely. The more water that evaporates from your pool, the more you will have to replace. Constantly refilling your water can be an unnecessary expenditure of energy, and it can increase the overall cost of maintaining your pool. Your pool cover will ensure that your water does not evaporate on a hot summer day, so maintenance will not be such a challenge.

Keep Your Water Clean

Even if your pool is in a completely open space in your backyard, it is always susceptible to certain types of debris. An uncovered pool might be vulnerable to wild animals and their droppings, bugs and pests, or even pollen and other contaminants. Your pool cover will keep these elements out of your pool, allowing you to enjoy clean water every time you swim.

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