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Vinyl Liner Replacement Frederick, MD & Springfield, VA

Millennium Pool Service replaces liners on all types of pools and can make repairs and changes to your pool as needed. We use only the highest quality liners available and follow a detailed procedure to insure your liner last as long as possible.

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Every Pool – Custom Fit


We will measure your pool carefully to ensure a perfect fit. Once we double check the measurements we will order the line. Owners must let us know what pattern they would like and the vinyl thickness that they would like.

Areas where we replace Swimming Pool Vinyl Liners

We replace pool liners throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area including Mclean, Alexandria, Stafford, and Fairfax Station in Virginia and Montgomery and Prince Georges counties in Maryland.

Pool Fill Water

If you have city water service we can fill the pool with your hose saving you up to $1000 on the cost of trucked in water. Homes serviced by well water will need to have water delivered to fill the pool. Owners can schedule this directly or request that we coordinate the delivery and pay the supplier directly.

Brands of Vinyl Liners that we offer

We can offer various brands of liners but the most common liner we offer is made by Loop Loc.

Patterns can be chosen at — http://looploc.com


  • We offer over 20 elegant designer patterns!
  • Manufactured using the highest quality vinyl material. Resists puncturing, algae, mold, and mildew..
  • Patterns designed only for Loop-Loc
  • 20 Year Pro-Rated Warranty
  • Many patterns available in 20 mil and 28 mil
  • State-of-the-art technology and manufacturing equipment ensure a perfect fit on all pools from simple rectangles to the most complex formfits.

Basic procedures from our company Vinyl Liner Install guide

  • MEASURE POOL (best if pool is empty)
  • Prior to install liner (day before)
  • Remove old liner and clean floor, Use blower
  • Repair floor as needed
  • Tape and seal seams in wall
  • Install Foam on walls

Preparing The Pool Base

The pool base must also be free of all items that would protrude into the liner. In the case of a sand bottom, remove all rocks and foreign matter, wet the sand and trowel into place.

Installing The Pool Liner

Using a Wet-Dry-Shop vacuum, remove the deck plate and run the suction hose down through the skimmer and out approximately 18″ through the mouth of the skimmer, so that the suction hose is between the pool wall and the liner. Pack the skimmer hole with damp rags to create an air seal.

Filling The Pool, We can use owner hose or owner may call and pay for water truck

(Homes that use well water must call for water truck)

Continuation Of Filling

Allow the pool to fill until the water level is high enough on the pool wall so that the liner is tight against the wall all around. AT THIS TIME, you may turn the vacuum off and remove the suction hose.

  • Install Liner Lock on the entire POOL
  • Call today for a free Proposal (703) 939-5062 to replace your Vinyl Liner
  • We also repair leaks in vinyl Liners utilizing state of the art electronic liner leak detection equipment.

What Makes Us The Best?

  • Over 35 Years Of Experience
  • Honor Roll Rated on Angie’s List
  • Leak And Technical Repair Specialist
  • Warranty Provider For All Major Manufacturers
  • HomeAdvisor Elite Pro - Millennium Pools and Spas, LLC
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