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How to Detect a Leak in Your Pool

Because the amount of water in your swimming pool is much greater than the amount in your bubble bath, a water leak means you’re also leaking cash in the form of utilities—and you may be heading toward a much bigger water damage problem than anything you’ve seen in a kitchen or bathroom. Regular pool service from a professional is a good way for a technician to spot unusual water levels or pipe leaks, and Millennium Pool Service is ready to help with the maintenance and repairs.

Here are a few tips for everything from keeping an eye on leaks yourself, to using homeowner’s insurance to cover the cost of repairs. To learn more about anything you see on our website or to schedule a free estimate, call us today for a residential or commercial pool located near Ijamsville, MD, or Springfield, VA.

The pool leak DIY test

We don’t recommend homeowners try to repair their swimming pools or plumbing systems alone, because poor fixes or installation are major causes of even worse leaks. However, if you own a pool, you can certainly keep tabs on the water levels yourself before calling a pro. To check for a leak, you’ll need a five-gallon bucket and marker or tape to note the water line.

Start by placing the bucket on the second step of your pool and mark the inside to match the level of pool water touching the outside of the bucket. Next, turn on the hose and fill the bucket with water so that the water levels on both the inside and outside of the bucket are equal and match the taped or drawn line. Leave the bucket out for 24 hours undisturbed.

Does losing water means there’s a pool leak?

When you check the bucket, you may see the water level of the pool and inside the bucket is a little lower, but this can be the normal result of evaporation. What you’re looking for is a higher water level in the bucket compared to where the water hits the bucket on the outside. If the level of the pool has lowered more than the level of the bucket, there may be a leak in the pipes. If you run this same test with the pump off to prevent auto-refilling, then the leak is most likely in the pool liner itself.

Paying for leak repairs

Millennium Pool Service makes small repairs as affordable as possible, with a free estimate upfront and clear pricing. It’s also a good idea to check your homeowner’s insurance policy, as some policies cover the cost of repairs for pool damage. If your policy doesn’t cover this, take the proactive step to call your provider and ask about adding pool damage protection before you encounter any important repairs.

Pipe repairs

Call Millennium Pool Service if you’re swimming pool is leaking water. There’s simply too much at stake to risk a DIY repair that leads to significant damage on a large scale. Our team goes the distance to fix your pool plumbing properly. Just take a look at these photos of our pool technicians on the job, working hard to carefully find and stop leaks, wherever they may be.

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