How to Keep Your Pool in Good Shape

To keep your pool in top condition, consistent pool maintenance near Springfield, VA is crucial. Taking care of your pool can decrease maintenance costs and make it safer and more comfortable to use. The following are a few essentials for keeping your pool in good shape. pool - maintenance

Balance the water chemicals.

The chemistry of your pool water plays a significant role in the safety and comfort of the swimmers. Additionally, when pool water is improperly maintained, the water can negatively affect your pool surface, causing it to break down and require early replacement. A failure to maintain your pool’s pH and chemical levels can void any warranty that you have for your pool surface, so regular maintenance is vital. During the summer months, check your pool’s chemistry two to three times per week. In the winter, you can cut this step back to once per week.

Empty the pump filter.

Cleaning out the pump basket is an important part of pool maintenance. When you do this too infrequently, it can cause your pump to work harder and decrease its lifespan. Additionally, leaving the pump basket filled with debris can lead to less turnover rate, meaning that your pool water will not be properly filtered. Twice per month, turn off the power to the pump and clean the basket out using a garden hose.

Clean the pool surfaces.

Part of your weekly pool maintenance should involve cleaning the pool’s surfaces and the skimmer baskets. First, use a long-handled skimming tool to remove any debris that is floating on the water’s surface. Next, clean the floor and walls of your pool using a brush intended for pool surfaces. Finally, clean out the filter baskets so they can continue to collect any debris that floats in your pool. When you are using your pool a lot or if excess debris makes its way into the water, these steps may need to be performed more often. If you find it difficult to keep up with your regular pool maintenance, consider hiring a pool cleaning company.

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