A Look at Different Types of Pool Liners

As part of your pool installation near Springfield, VA, consider a pool with a vinyl liner instead of plaster. Plaster can chip and degrade over time, and the repairs can become costly. With vinyl pool liners, the repairs are minimal and inexpensive. The two most popular liners for in-ground pools are PVC and vinyl; and as far as pool maintenance goes, you won’t find anything easier than one of these two options. pool - liner

Vinyl Liners

Vinyl-lined pools are the most popular choice because they tend to be more affordable and faster to install, which means you can start enjoying your home pool faster. Vinyl liners are custom-fit to your home’s pool size and shape, and they come in a variety of colors and designs to accommodate everyone’s preference. These liners usually break down and require a vinyl liner replacement every 10 years or so. In regards to regular pool maintenance, though, they are still considered one of the best choices.

PVC Liners

PVC liners have become a popular addition, typically for commercial pools, because they provide another level of protection against possible leaks. These custom-made liners can be applied to any type of pool material, and in the event there is structural movement or damage, the PVC liner will contain the water within its waterproof membrane. Since PVC liners have been manufactured to be so strong, they can also last up to 25 years after installation. These liners are flexible to any size, shape, and interior design of a pool. They can also come in a variety of colors with designs or logos, depending on your preference and need.

When your pool company arrives to install your new PVC liner, they will actually fabricate the membrane lining right there in front of you. Since this type of liner is custom-made, professionally-trained fabricators will use special welding tools to shape and attach the liner to your current pool’s design. The process requires a specialist, but it is simple enough that even while the liner installation is in the finishing stages you can begin filling your pool with water.

Why You Should Use a Pool Professional

Using a professional pool company in Frederick, MD to perform your pool care is a crucial part of pool maintenance. There are various machines and chemicals that should be left to the professionals trained in their use. This will better serve you and extend the life of your pool.

As you can see in the short video, when you work with your pool service company you are getting personalized information on how to care for your pool. Trust your pool professional to perform your essential pool services, and your investment will be protected for several years to come.

The Steps of a Pool Renovation

After a few years, even the novelty of a pool can start to fade, but with pool remodeling near Frederick , you don’t have to be bored ever again. Whether you’re planning a complete swimming pool renovation, or you simply need some new features, you can make your pool, the deck, or any surrounding water features look brand new. empty-pool-with-workers

Deciding on Your New Design

You can’t easily make a new pool if you don’t know how you want it to look. Do you want to change it from a straight, lap pool to a more oval shape? Maybe you can build a joining spa to relax in the hot water. Even a new liner can make a world of difference to your swimming pool renovation.

Completing Simple Renovations

When it comes to a large body of water, there aren’t many “simple” renovations, but there are some less costly and time-consuming changes compared to others. Installing a new liner or resurfacing the pool can be a simple change. You can update the color and design of the liner to better reflect you; or, if you notice the pool surfacing is cracking or fading, you may consider a complete resurfacing job.

Completing Larger Renovations

A much larger pool renovation would involve more construction, either of the deck or the pool itself. If you want to change the shape, add on to your pool, or take away from it, then consult your pool contractor on the best way to achieve this kind of renovation. You can also build a fountain or waterfall to add more beauty to your pool. Along with new decking materials, such as flagstone, travertine, or concrete, you can create a new pool in just a few steps.

Calling Your Pool Contractor

Don’t forget the person who should be with you every step of the way during this process: your pool contractor! They can help you from start to finish during your pool remodel. From design to construction to completion, your pool contractor is going to be your new best friend for a few months.

Causes of Water Loss in Your Pool

If you think you’re in need of pool leak detection in Frederick, stop for a minute. There could be a few different reasons for water loss in your pool. If you’re noticing your pool slowly, or quickly, losing water, contact your pool maintenance company for a more detailed diagnosis of the possible problem. pool-with-no-water


One of the biggest reasons a pool loses water is from a completely natural phenomenon: evaporation. Your pool is constantly exposed to the sun, wind, and other elements that can cause significant amounts of evaporation. If you keep it covered or surrounded by trees and other structures, the water will evaporate less. Also, your pool’s evaporation is directly related to the amount of humidity in the air. With high humidity comes more water in the air, so your pool is less likely to evaporate as much. As the humidity decreases, though, you’ll see your pool’s water level drop.

Equipment Failure

The costly way your pool can lose water is due to equipment failure. This might be from a faulty part in the pool’s system, or it could be due to a larger plumbing issue. No matter the reason, you’ll want your residential pool service to come out and perform pool leak detection. This pool service might include pressure testing, equipment checks, and even scuba diving to check for leaks below the surface.

Pool Play

One of the more obvious, but often forgotten, elements of water loss comes from enjoying the pool. When your guests or children are playing in the pool and splashing around, they’re letting water onto the deck and into the air. Performing a cannonball off the diving board is great fun, but it’s also a little costly when it comes to filling up the pool. In the future, when your children play “Marco Polo” and splash around, tell them to be a little gentler with the water. It needs to go somewhere, and it should probably stay in your pool for as long as possible.