Pool Maintenance Tips

Swimming pools don’t require a lot of maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they are maintenance-free either. Keeping your pool sparkling clean and refreshing to swim in requires you (or your pool maintenance provider) to maintain the water chemical levels and ensure that the plumbing and filtration equipment is working properly. Watch this short video to learn about the importance of pool maintenance and some easy things you can do yourself to keep your pool clean and in great shape.

For help keeping your pool in tiptop shape, contact a pool service provider in your area. Pool cleaning and maintenance companies in Springfield and the surrounding areas of Virginia, Washington DC can provide all of the services your swimming pool needs to keep you and your family cool and refreshed all summer long. Make an appointment with a pool company today to make sure your swimming pool is ready to go on the first day of the swimming season.

Spotlight on Millennium Pool Service

Virginia might not have the year-round pool weather like other parts of the country, but that hasn’t stopped countless homeowners and businesses from building swimming pools to beat the heat when summer descends on the East Coast. That means there are no shortage of pool companies, either. So how do you know which company to trust for all of your pool service needs? We recommend a company with more than 30 years of experience in the pool industry and a long list of satisfied pool customers in Springfield and the surrounding areas: Millennium Pool Service.

In addition to more than three decades of outstanding pool maintenance, repair, and construction services, Millennium Pool Service has the distinction of providing swimming pool services for residential and commercial clients alike. From leak detection and pool liner repair to routine pool maintenance and complete pool renovation services, Millennium Pool Service does whatever it takes to keep your residential or commercial pool clean, sparkling, and inviting.

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Know About Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling

What to Know About Swimming Pool Remodeling

When it’s hot outside, it doesn’t matter what your pool looks like as long as the water is cool and refreshing. But after you take a dip and cool off, do you find yourself wishing you had a more attractive swimming pool? Or do you not throw as many pool parties as you would like because you’re embarrassed of the state of your swimming pool and the surrounding areas? The good news is that you can get the pool of your dream without having to go through the new pool construction process again. Here are answers to some of the common questions homeowners have about swimming pool renovation in Springfield .

How much does swimming pool remodeling cost?

It’s hard to say how much your particular pool remodeling project will cost without knowing the specifics of your pool renovation plans. Obviously the more complex and involved the pool renovation is, the more expensive it will be. Discuss your vision with a pool remodeling company to learn how much it will cost to transform the look of your swimming pool.

How long does a pool remodel take?

Similar to the question of how much a pool remodeling project costs, the time it takes to complete a pool renovation depends on the scope of the work being done to your pool. A simple facelift, like refinishing the inside of the pool with plaster or tile, can take a few days while major pool renovations can take weeks or even months depending on how much digging and new construction is required. Your pool contractor will be able to provide you with a detailed timetable so you know exactly how long it will take to refresh the look of your pool.

What should I look for in a pool remodeling contractor?

There are a lot of pool companies in Springfield, but not a lot that specialize in pool remodeling. To save time and money on your pool renovation project, limit your search to contractors who either specialize in or have experience with pool remodeling. When you’ve narrowed down a few pool contractors who offer pool renovation services, ask for references and referrals, look for complaints or poor reviews online, and find out if they have a warranty.

[Infographic] Ideas for Renovating Your Pool

At the end of a long work week, there’s nothing quite like coming home and relaxing in your very own swimming pool. However, if your pool is in need of repairs or is outdated, it can detract from your enjoyment as well as its efficiency. Pool remodeling near Frederick can improve the way your pool looks and functions, giving you the full benefits of pool ownership. LED lighting around and even in your pool can transform the look of your backyard and improve your pool’s energy efficiency. Resurfacing the pool will take care of any cracks or wear and tear while new tile around the waterline will give your pool a contemporary look. Check out this infographic to discover more ideas you can use when you are renovating your pool. Please share with your friends and neighbors!


How to Tell if Your Pool Has a Problem

It might not be pool season yet in Virginia, but before you know it the days will be sweltering and you’ll be longing to escape the heat in your swimming pool. To get the maximum enjoyment out of your pool this summer, it’s important that you recognize the signs and symptoms of a pool in need of repair. In many cases the sooner you spot a problem and schedule an appointment with a pool service provider in Springfield , the easier and less expensive it will be to get your pool in tip-top shape for the swimming season. Contact a pool maintenance and repair company if you recognize any of these signs:

pool service You Constantly Need to Add Fresh Water

Leaks are among the most serious problems pool owners can face . If you constantly notice that the pool water level is low and have to frequently add fresh water, this is a surefire sign that there is a leak somewhere in the plumbing, drainage, or even along the walls of the pool. A pool company can perform a leak inspection to pinpoint the leak and make the necessary repairs.

Your Pool Doesn’t Have a Main Drain

If your pool was designed without a main drain (the drain at the center of the deep end of the swimming pool) this means it’s operating at half the capacity it should be, which results in low circulation and poor filtration. If your pool doesn’t have a main drain, call a professional pool technician to set up a vacuum system that replicates the action of the main drain for better circulation and improved filter performance.

You Have to Replace Filters Frequently

Speaking of filtration, if you are suddenly having to replace your pool’s filters more frequently than before, this could be a sign that your filtration equipment is not properly sized for your swimming pool. To keep your pool sparkling clean and lower the stress on the rest of your plumbing and filtration equipment, contact a pool service company to install the proper size filter and pump for your swimming pool.